Keeping your home cool in the summer uses a lot of electricity–which can be hard on your wallet and our environment. Check out these 8 tips to make sure you’re running your air conditioner at maximum efficiency, without having to sacrifice your comfort:

  1. Choose a window unit over central AC. It cools the space when you need it and uses 50% less energy.
  2. Keep it at seventy great! Every degree below 78°F will increase your energy use by 3-4%.
  3. Give it some time. Cranking the thermostat to a lower temperature will not make the house cool faster – it just makes your unit work harder and longer to reach that temperature until it turns off.
  4. Your TV doesn’t care if it’s warm inside while you’re gone. Running your AC all day while you are away uses more energy than it does to cool your house when you get home. Try programming your unit to kick on 30 minutes before you get home if you want it instantly cool.
  5. Use your ceiling fan at the same time. Fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler, allowing you to dial your AC to a higher temperature and still feel cool.
  6. Keep it slow. On a humid day, run the AC on low so the air passes through the equipment slower to remove the moisture more efficiently.
  7. Clean or replace the filter every month. A dirty filter makes your AC work harder and use more electricity.
  8. Keep it cool. AC units in the shade use 10% less electricity than those in direct sun.

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