Macmillan Sustainability


Macmillan Offices and Distribution Center

Making our facilities more sustainable is really the story of how changes, both big and small, can truly make a difference.  Sometimes we make minor modifications.  At other times, the changes we make represent big investments of time, dollars, and other resources.  But all the changes across our Macmillan facilities represent permanent alternatives that underscore our belief in the importance of sustainability.


There are many practices that take place at the facilities, such as the use of consumables, which we address in other areas of the site.  In this section, let’s focus on the actual facilities themselves.  The three areas of improvement in our facilities are electricity usage, heating and cooling, and data.


Because making changes to our owned facilities represents a permanent investment, we want to be sure that any changes we make are heading us in the right direction.  Therefore, we conduct and test a number of initiatives before choosing the best sustainable alternative. Sometimes the test confirms that we’ll make an improvement; sometimes, we don’t get the results we were hoping for, and so we continue seeking alternatives.  Sometimes, there’s no one right answer, just better choices.


Many of the changes that we put in place were suggested by our employees.  It’s been especially rewarding to implement more sustainable alternatives based on employee recommendations. This really underscores the team effort and the commitment of Macmillan’s employees to the sustainability movement within the company.