Macmillan Sustainability


As publishers, we know that the materials chosen for our conventional books and products can either help or hinder our sustainability efforts. Paper, cover stock, foil, glue, adhesive, ink, cover coating, casemaking board, banding, headbands, tailbands, resin primer, hot melt, tape, banding, CD, batteries…and the list of materials used to make our books and products goes on.


For sustainability, our approach is simple. We look at each component with a view toward working with our supply chain partners in order to devise a way to use less or make what we use more sustainable.


Paper is the biggest issue we deal with in terms of environmental impact. The time and effort we have dedicated to addressing paper usage is detailed in the paper section  of this site.


For a publisher, paper consumption is always the largest material used, but we look at each small component piece across our product categories as well.  Nothing is too small for us to ignore.  Even the little tailbands and headbands on the book bindings get our special attention. You can only imagine how excited we were when we reduced the number of batteries used in an i>clicker from three to two. True cause for celebration!


The information that follows provides an overview of just some of our efforts as we continue to make more sustainable choices for each material we use. Through this process, we have come to understand that even the smallest changes can make a big environmental impact.