Macmillan Sustainability

Books (Inks, Adhesives, Coatings, etc.)

The headband’s connected to the tailband, the tailband’s connected to the…..There are so many elements to a book beyond paper.  Book jackets, covers, binding, headbands, tailbands, glues, inks, adhesives, and coatings are just a few.


For each component, we evaluate our sustainability practices and request information on more ecofriendly materials from our partners for each component.


So what does that mean? As an example, the protective paper covering that normally wraps around the cover of a hardcover book as well as the cover of a paperback is usually laminated. We are moving our lamination from Film Lamination to UV where possible and targeting an annual associated emissions reduction of approximately 90 percent compared to 2009. Who would have ever thought that a simple choice around cover lamination could have such a significant impact on CO2 emissions?


Choices around big and small component pieces alike have significant environmental impact, and given the number of books we produce, we are evaluating all of them in the context of the environment, quality and durability.