Macmillan Sustainability


The i>clicker is the leading classroom response system in higher education. As much as instructors value the i>clicker, it also represents a perfect case in point of how we took an already great product and made it more sustainable across the design, packaging, shipping, and warehousing.


The fundamental changes that were made from the design and packaging have led to significant modifications in the materials used to create the i>clicker. These changes include:


With each of these changes, the materials we now use have far better sustainability characteristics and make a smaller impact on the environment. One small change to an already great product really does add up over time.  Imagine how much plastic we saved by changing that clamshell to a pasteboard package, or how many chemicals we kept from going into the environment by reducing battery use. In addition, a lighter product that stacks more efficiently reduces transportation emissions. It’s those small changes that really add up to make a big difference around the world.