Macmillan Sustainability


BFW Consumable Reduction

Five million paper towels, 190,000 paper cups, paper plates, toilet paper, tissues…we consume a lot of consumables! The sustainability effort at Macmillan makes no distinction between executives, managers, and regular employees; it’s a team effort. Tackling the amount of consumables we use has become a responsibility of each of us.


To address the five million paper towels used on a yearly basis, hand-dryers were installed in all our facilities except for the Flatiron Building in New York. Given the age and structure of the Flatiron, we were unable to put in the hand dryers, but we sure tried. To date, 44 LEED qualified Xlerator and Dyson energy efficient hand dryers have been successfully installed across our other sites and our paper towel consumption has plummeted by an estimated three million towels. Based on manufacturer’s data, we have affected a 70 to 75 percent CO2 reduction, including electricity, by replacing paper towels.


Now it’s time to take on the paper cups and paper plates. Divisions are encouraging employees to bring their own mugs and plates, with some of the divisions providing non-disposable mugs. If paper cups are still needed, we replaced some cup purchases with specially designed eco-cups made from fully renewable resources.


There has been much progress in this area across Macmillan. We are very grateful for the commitment of our employees in helping make this progress possible.