Macmillan Sustainability

Office Copying

Macmillan Double-Sided Copying Initiative

Click click; Click click;  Click click: Click click; that was the ever-present sound of the copiers throughout every one of our buildings. As our colleagues passed the copiers on their way to our sustainability meetings, they decided that we needed not only to make big changes around our paper consumption, but smaller changes as well in our daily operations.


We started by putting the default setting of all copiers to double-sided and color printers set to default to black-and-white. We are installing software on our computers to scale or expand the margin settings so that more words fit on a page and fewer pages are needed when they are printed. Electronic delivery of galleys is now the norm. Electronic document scanning, sharing, and archiving are encouraged, and bringing hard copy documents to meetings is discouraged.


We continually scrutinize our normal business practices to determine more sustainable approaches. Our next efforts include a formal vendor bidding process for our office supplies, including better sustainability reporting. With all of these improvements, now when you walk down the halls, you hear a lot less clicks.