Macmillan Sustainability

Paper Policy

Do you ever wonder where the trees that make the paper for books are sourced?


Macmillan does, and we go to great length to eliminate the use of paper from controversial producers and fiber sources.  99% of the virgin fiber used in our direct purchased paper – which accounts for two-thirds of all the paper we use – is sourced from responsibly managed North American forests.  The other one-third of the paper is procured by the printers in Asia we contract with to manufacture our books in color.  Constant vigilance is currently required in this part of the world to ensure that the fiber inputs for this paper are acquired from sustainable, non-controversial sources and manufactured by responsible operators acting in an environmentally sensitive manner.


In May of 2014 we released a Paper Policy that explains what we look for when we source our paper and how it fits our carbon emission reduction goal.


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