Macmillan Sustainability

Audio Duplication

Changing how our CDs are packaged and moving to renewable paper packaging instead of plastic packaging helps our sustainability efforts. But unfortunately, there is no current sustainable alternative to polycarbonate CDs.  To make our production processes as sustainable as possible, we are committed to the digital revolution in publishing. Digital downloads eliminate polycarbonate CDs, packaging materials, and transportation emissions, thus making it the most sustainable solution.


Fortunately, more and more consumers are moving toward digital downloads as a preferred option, and we support that movement. We now offer downloads for the vast majority of our audio books and audio-related education products over a full range of devices and platforms. For each product that is available in both CD and downloadable formats, there are certain fixed production requirements. The real emissions savings comes for each download that is selected over a CD-equivalent product. When you consider the number of our products that are made up of multiple CDs, you can imagine the savings.  As fewer CDs are duplicated, there are fewer emissions that would otherwise result from the reproduction of those CDs.