Macmillan Sustainability

i>clicker Assembly

The i>clicker

The i>clicker is the leading classroom response system in higher education. It is used at more than 1,000 higher education institutions and by over two million students. Given the number of i>clickers in the marketplace, even the most minor modification leads to significant positive impact. Taking on the challenge of producing a more sustainable i>clicker became a team effort.


This effort started with a product redesign. This redesign has led to significant changes toward more sustainable materials usage detailed under the materials section.  From a production point of view, the fundamental changes in the design and in the materials used have led to more sustainable production.


In addition to product changes, we also made packaging modifications. The i>clicker originally came in a plastic clamshell.  We redesigned the packaging to eliminate the clamshell and replace it with a more compact, environmentally-friendly paper pasteboard package, all reducing production emissions.


The i>clicker redesign and the positive, sustainable impact such a redesign makes represents a true case study we look to replicate with other products.