Macmillan Sustainability


Macmillan sustainability committee members at processing and recycling plant

What comes to mind when you hear the word “sustainability?” For many people, sustainability and recycling go hand-in-hand. Recycling remains an important initiative for Macmillan.


When we started our sustainability initiative in 2009, over 140 employees from across all of our facilities agreed to serve on various sustainability committees. Through these teams, ideas and recommendations were gathered. Each team came up with great ideas to improve sustainability.


Many of the recommendations that came out of these teams were about recycling—in our office buildings, distribution centers, and more. Employees spotted room for improvement in nearly every corner of our operations.


Since 2009, we‘ve implemented many of these suggestions and continue to pursue new ones.  We’ve examined how materials are recycled, and how we can contribute to making the recycling process as efficient as possible.


Recycling is all about making sure that used materials are processed into new products to prevent waste and avoiding sending such materials to landfill sites. We see our responsibility to recycling as core to our sustainability mission, and so do our employees.  Our employees are committed to recycling.