Macmillan Sustainability

Car Fleet

Macmillan requires that all company cars meet green emission standards. This means that each vehicle must have:


In 2010, we began converting our 150 leased car fleet, and we’re almost two-thirds of the way through switching our leased cars to hybrid and/or EPA certified SmartWay model company cars. When completed in the middle of 2013, we will, on an annualized basis, reduce emissions by approximately 600 metric tons/year


We have also changed to longer-performance synthetic oils, thus using less oil and reducing the time between servicing vehicles, two additional ways to improve our sustainability.  Hybrid cars also enjoy HOV privileges in some areas, yet one more way to improve productivity.


There are a few exceptions to our car fleet requirements, though.  Brook Hanson, our senior college text publishing rep in Madison, Wisconsin, has four children under five years of age.  After trying to find a car that fit both our sustainability requirements and her family, Brook pleaded her case:


“I am writing to see if there is any chance that I am able to get a larger car when my lease is up this fall.  At this time, my company car is a minivan.  I have a unique situation with my family: I have 2 year old triplets and a 5 year old daughter….. With the cars on the list, there are no cars that have room for my children…..I cannot put my four children’s car seats in the back row of the cars listed.  I am wondering if I can be given a minivan again for my company car?  Without a minivan, there would be no possible way to transport my children to daycare.”


We honored Brook’s request and gave her an exemption.  Sometimes even sustainability has to take a backseat to four car seats!


If you would like to find qualifying SmartWay vehicles please go to