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Donate gently used books to children’s hospitals, childcare centers, nursing homes, local theatres, or “Little Free Libraries” to share your favorite stories with others. You can also send books to students overseas via Books for Africa or US military personnel via Operation Paperback.

Books for Africa, Operation Paperback, Little Free Library


You often can recycle your paperback books alongside newspapers and copy paper, but be sure to check your local recycling rules first. To recycle your hardcover books, you will likely have to remove the covers and bindings as these are glued onto the books and are not recyclable. 

Recycling Look Up


To extend the life of your books in a different way, why not look into repurposing your books into new items? Some ideas include ornaments, flowers, keepsake boxes, wall art, and plant holders! Search any of these project ideas online for how-tos and videos on how to contribute to the circular economy.

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