Our Employees

Macmillan is gratified to have so many talented and intellectually curious employees working to help our company succeed and become more sustainable.

Macmillan asks our employees for help as part of our overall sustainability strategy. Countless employees have shared their suggestions and passions to help the company reduce its overall environmental impacts. Many of these ideas have been implemented while many more are in development. We are so grateful for such a passionate team and look forward to our shared progress!

Employee Suggestions

A “Sustainability Incentive” is offered to employees from time to time. Employees elect to receive a financial contribution towards a pledge of a personal investment in reducing their carbon footprint. Insulation for leaky windows and doors, and smart thermostats are all examples of investments.  Over the last few years, Macmillan USA distributed over 4000 complimentary LED light bulbs to employees.

Sustainability Incentive

The New York City offices partner with several local organic farms to receive bi-weekly deliveries of organic vegetables, fruit, honey, and eggs in the summer and winter seasons. Over the last four years, more than 200 employees have participated in this program – many of whom support this program year-round, year after year, demonstrating a commitment to a healthy and sustainable local economy and society.

CSA in New York City

Volunteering in Hamilton, NJ

“Each year the Hamilton office does a team-building event. The team felt very strongly that if we are to spend time doing team building, that we should focus our time on a community give-back project. We found a project called Wheels for the World that was the perfect fit. We broke up into teams and worked in these smaller groups to solve problems, crack codes, and gel as a team in order to earn a bike part. In the end, each team used the parts they earned to build a bike complete with a helmet and lock. An inspector went around to make sure that we had each built the bikes to spec and once we all had our stamps of approval, in rushed a group of local kids that had never had a bike before. We scrambled to grab tissues and wipe our tearful eyes while we helped them get on the bikes and ride around the auditorium. We had to steady them, as they had never ridden before, but it was so awesome seeing their happy faces and having them see so many people rally around such a milestone moment in a child’s life.” Bonnie Vance, Sr. Manager of Sales Operations for Macmillan Learning

E-waste Drives for Employees

In April, the NYC offices often run e-waste drives for employees to bring their e-waste from home to be properly recycled. The Austin, Texas Human Resources team heard about these efforts and decided to do the same for their colleagues. Our employees were appreciative of the gesture to help everyone manage their electronics and waste appropriately and promote a more sustainable world.

Positive Changes to our Car Fleet

More than two-thirds of our US sales team drive hybrid vehicles, while all vehicles are fuel-efficient and best-in-class. We have more than doubled the average miles per gallon rate from 2010 to today and are continuing to work to further “green” our fleet. In our Austin, Texas office, we offer employees a subsidy to commute via carpool or by train to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

For employee travel to meetings and conferences, we prompt our employees to take the train for shorter domestic trips or direct flights for long-distance traveling. Additionally, we promote carpooling amongst our employees and with our hotel-partners to get to and from airports.